Midterm Review

Below is a list of the key processes in the history of urban development as it pertains to wealth and income inequality today.  You should be able to identify and define/explain the key events and key terms related to each of the processes, the intricacies of each event (the racial implementation of suburbanization, for example […]


Surbanization is the growth of the suburban area, including the creation of transportation tools by building the roads for people traveling to the city for working and back home. The Surbanization increases the numbers of household and leads to the creation of  Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that people can more easily to get loads for […]

The Great Migration

The first Great Migration, African American moving from the South to North, is on 1910-1940 and the second one is on 1940-1970. The Great Migration is one of the biggest movement in the US history. There are many reasons cause The Great Migration to happen such as the segregation laws on African American are legal […]

American Ghetto

  GHETTO AMERICA. Digital image. GHETTO AMERICA. N.p., 14 June 2009. Web. 19 Mar. 2017.   The origin of this word was in Venice and it was used to describe areas of a city were Jews not allowed and segregated. A definition of the word ghetto in the United States is a community that is […]

G.I Bill

G.I. Bill. Digital image. Doing Something Right for the Veterans: The GI Bill of Rights. Oregon State Archives, n.d. Web.   The G.I Bill also known as the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, was a law created to provide benefits to veterans who were returning from WWII. The law was created by the American Legion, […]

Blighted Lands

Photo courtesy of Samuel Kenyon. A blighted property is defined as being deemed unfit to live in by Housing Authorities. This may be because of vermin, lack of basic needs such as hot water, or a fire hazard situation. “Blighted Lands” in then is a group of contiguous such properties. These are often neighborhoods with […]

Hyper-Mobility of Capital

The deregulation of business environment to increase appeal to corporations for example, lower wages, worsening working conditions, and fewer environmental protections. This brings on unequal bargaining power for workers. Flexible labor practices become normal. For example companies put their focus on short term profits by not sticking with workers or a location or even a […]


The integration of economy on a global scale; increased interdependence of people and decreased importance of nations. The current period of globalization began in the late 1960s or 1970s. Corporate leaders began to look for new strategies because of declining corporate profits, and the increased competition from developing economies. The new phase of globalization included free trade […]