• A rainbow over a central commercial street in Corona, Queens.


In Spring 2017, as an adjunct lecturer at Queens College CUNY, I hosted a course website on Qwriting, the college’s WordPress installation. I think digital technology has much to offer the classroom; this is a continued experiment in open digital pedagogy.

This course site contains all practical information regarding the course – that which is generally found on the syllabus, as well as announcements about adjustments and reminders. In addition, we had a course blog wherein we held virtual class discussions in relation to prompts generated by me, and blogs written by students. Students also had the opportunity to contribute to two class resources. First, an ‘urban dictionary’ comprised of key terms from course material. Second, a library of social movements to help us understand how our neighbors, near and far, have risen up in the face of the injustices that have defined our past and present.

You can find our course discussions, our glossary, and the library of social movements in the right side bar. We offer this information humbly, knowing that they were developed as a part of our learning process, and not as complete, educational products.

I share this with good synergistic intent. Please don’t hesistate to reach out with suggestions, feedback, or ideas for collaboration!


Kristen Hackett

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