Privatization of Public Spaces

Image source:   Public space is a publicly-owned place for speaking out and being heard. For example, parks, sidewalks, libraries, schools, governmental buildings, recreation facilities etc. Most public spaces are free of charge, don’t require special privileges to enter and their main purpose is to serve the community. A successful public space generally needs to […]

Sunnyside Gentrified!

  Queens is my home. It’s my borough, it’s where I go back after a trip out of state or after a night out with friends in the “city” (Manhattan).  I was born and raised in Sunnyside, Queens and now I reside a few blocks over in Woodside. I’m glad to still be living in […]

Eliminating the HOME Program

  I decided to focus on a current event that I read online about Donald Trump attempting to cut the budget. His way of reducing spending revolves around the idea of eliminating “lower priority” programs. One program that is considered “lower priority” according to the president, is the HOME Investment Partnerships Programs. The purpose of […]

The Reality of Public Housing

This week in class, our discussions and readings focused on public housing in The United States, mainly in NYC, but there was a mentioning of the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex in St. Louis, Missouri which was torn down in the late 70’s after poverty and crime became rampant in the area. This prompted me to look […]

Affordable Housing Crisis- Interminable or Temporary? For this assignment, I decided to watch “A House Divided”, an episode that is part of the “America Divided” documentary series. This series focuses on tackling injustices affecting our society through a multitude of lenses, housing being the primary lens for “A House Divided”.  Norman Lear, a prominent figure in the world of television, […]

Driven Away by Gentrification

My parents were long time residents of the Flushing area since they immigrated to the United States from Haiti in the early 1980s but have since moved to Springfield Gardens. They would always say that Flushing, particularly Main Street, was very different than it is today. Since I’m only familiar with Main Street as it […]


  image:   Urbanization means to the move from rural to urban areas. A study from the United Nations projected that more than half of the world population would move to urban area by 2008. One reason for people to move from rural to urban areas is because they are looking for more opportunities in […]