Crowdsource: Overview


During the first half of the semester, we as a class will crowdsource our understanding of a particular article.

I will post a prompt to the course website every Wednesday after class, and students will have until 12n on Sunday (unless otherwise noted, see due dates below) to include their thoughts, responses, questions and/or discussion points in the comments section of the post.  

Students should review other student’s comments, and are encouraged to synthesize, build upon, (politely) disagree with, and respond to former arguments.

This is an opportunity to discuss, debate and unpack some of the important articles, theories and concepts that we’ll be discussing over the course of the semester. Moreover, this is a low stakes environment in which to experiment with and develop your public writing skills and engage your classmates in discussion about critical issues of our time.

Students can easily access the weekly crowdsource from the toolbar on the right hand side of home page.

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