Exploring Hillside Ave

While walking around Hillside Ave in Jamaica from Susan B. Anthony middle school towards Parsons I noticed that it was dominated by small businesses like deli’s and laundromats that are accessible and convenient for the mix of private homes and apartments in the area. The stores in the area are affordable and there are no expensive retail stores. These businesses cater to the fast pace lifestyle of the busy streets with students, the working class, and families to provide quick and efficient services like food which may be why there are many food locations along Hillside. On the larger streets there are more apartment buildings but as you go into the smaller streets there are less apartments and more houses. There is a mixture of families and those without kids but is mainly dominated by families because there are many resources in the area suitable for them such as schools, day care centers, and parks. The area also has many routes of transportation which is useful because many cannot afford cars or don’t have one because there are limited parking spots, especially around apartment complexes. There are not many definitive aspects I noticed that determine poverty or affluence besides style of housing. Since the stores in the area are the same throughout I focused on housing. People with private housing and access to luxuries like a driveway, cars, more space, and privacy differ in affluence from those in apartments with limited space and amenities. This results in differences in daily expenses such as transportation, rent/mortgage, utilities, laundry, etc. People without homes reside on busy streets in front of stores or subway stations. From what I could see there were no shelters or temporary housing for homeless people. One of the resources I noticed for people who are homeless or struggling financially was a food pantry where people can get free food items to fulfill their basic dietary needs. Overall, I realized that Hillside gives off a city feel even though it is mixed with a residential atmosphere.





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