Geography decides everything

For Assignment 1, I choose to walk around the Manhattan at least one hour. The reason of I chose Manhattan that there are two areas reflection poverty and affluence. poverty and affluence are opposite, so I will define them. Poverty means that people don’t have enough money to afford daily necessities, such as housing, food, transportation, and health care. Affluent means that people can afford daily necessities, and still have lots of money to buy the luxury items. When I took the train and walk to Upper East side of Manhattan, I saw a lot of people who wear many famous brands, such as bags, clothing, suits, and ornaments. and then, I came to 5th Avenue, and I saw here is like a paradise for shopping, because of many famous brand shop, is a senior shopping district. I think only the rich people can afford because the luxury Items are so expensive. after then, I walk to the Harlem. I saw the difference with 5th Avenue, there is not like 5th Avenue so prosperous, and no many famous brand shop. the neighborhood is not very clean. only there are some homeless people sit down and waiting for somebody giving food or money to them because they need to survive. therefore, those people live in the extremely poverty and struggling for basic daily necessities. in conclusion, I realized the rich and expensive resources are sent to where the rich are, opposite where the poverty are getting basic resources. therefore, Geography decides the poverty and the affluent. but in personally, it is not only one reason to decide rich and poor. I think the most important decides the poverty and the affluent is yourself. if you are not lazy, keeping hard work, and positive attitude of life, I think you still can afford very basic daily necessities.


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