The Spectrum of Wealth





For this assignment the location I selected was from the crossroad of Hillside Ave. and Little Neck Parkway, to Hillside Ave. and Springfield Blvd. There is a strong presence of poverty as you travel from Little Neck to Springfield. By Hillside and Little Neck, a majority of residents are of an Indian or middle eastern descent. The houses are nice and the neighborhood is very clean. There is a library, grocery stores, and many different restaurants to eat at. There aren’t many bus stops with benches in the area, which signifies something important to me. I notice that there aren’t a lot of homeless people around this area, and with no benches, I can understand why. Traveling down hillside can really show the differences in poverty in just a couple of blocks. Creedmoor Psychiatric Center stands right in between the two areas. Throughout the day patients enter and exit the hospital to conduct their daily routines. By the park there are many benches where you can see many homeless people sleep. Garbage as well as many bottles of alcohol are present. Drug use and erratic behavior are also seen on a daily basis. Walking into the deli, or a fast food establishment, security is present and cameras are open throughout the stores. When you get to Springfield, you notice that it is almost entirely fast food; McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Popeyes, etc. You can also notice many cops around the area right after school dismisses at Martin Van Buren High School. The majority of the food being fast food is very important I believe. I think cheaper food abundant in a small radius signifies the income level of the area. The majority of residents are African American/Hispanic in this area. I see certain fast food places even have security guards present in the store. I believe that the distribution of even necessities such as food is uneven. On Little Neck, there are restaurants where you can sit and eat, verses being on Springfield where you should just come and go. The housing towards Springfield consist of apartments and shared houses. During the day you see massive crowds of people waiting for the bus by Springfield, but by Little neck you see most people driving around. Poverty levels can be measured by various aspects of everyday life such as food, transportation, living, and a walk down hillside showed it all.


Assignment 1 - Urban at 1st Glance

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