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Poverty is much more than just not having the basic needs, money, food, clothing and shelter. Being sick and not being able to see a doctor maybe because there’s not enough money or maybe they don’t even have a phone to call the 911. Poverty is not knowing how to read maybe because there were not enough opportunities that could make you go to school or just not having the motivation from your parents. Living paycheck to paycheck without knowing if you’re going to have food for the next day because rent must be paid on time and if not they kick you out. Fear for the future because you don’t have a secure job and you may lose it next day or maybe the next week.

I live in Hollis, NY where the physical arrangement of the city is very different and diverse. The building that I live on is on Hillside Ave and to my north is Jamaica and to my south is Holliswood. Literally, I walk two blocks and I’m in Jamaica and two more to be on Holliswood.  During my walk through some parts of Jamaica, I saw how houses had very limited space and most of them were deteriorated and outdated. When I went down to Jamaica Ave I saw a lot of different kind of stores, Deli’s, 99 cents stores, Laundries, Chinese’s Food restaurants etc. Just by walking around and looking at people faces I could notice that most of them are not happy. Something that caught my attention was that more deep I was going fewer people and older houses I was seeing.  After 45 minutes of walking through Jamaica Ave, I went to the train station and it was literally a mess. Walking down the stairs I right away saw two homeless people and they seem very hungry and in need of clothes. Then I took the F train for ten minutes and during my trip I had to change train car three time because of how smelly and gross where these train cars.

Then I started walking to the south side of my building and I literally thought I was in Hollywood for one instance. Walking in the streets of Holliswood and parts of Jamaica State it was everything gorgeous, all houses were multimillions houses and most of the cars were luxury cars and/or sports cars. It was totally different from what I saw six blocks away from Jamaica, I walked for about twenty minutes and I didn’t saw anybody walking and of course no homeless on the streets.

Poverty is an issue that needs the attention of everyone and must be controlled by some of those who are on the top. After doing this assignment I don’t know if being separated is the best idea, it is important that all members of our society work together to provide the opportunities for all our members to reach their full potential. It helps all of us to help one another.








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