Bayside—a home of the middle class or so we think

For this assignment, I chose to walk in Bayside, around the Queensborough Community College area. It’s a relatively safe neighborhood, probably home to people of the different types of middle class. I started walking around Cloverdale Boulevard and Kenilworth Drive. Queensborough Community College is where people of many different cultures and races come to receive an education. Like Queens College, it is obviously diverse. As we’ve discussed in class before, getting an education could possibly be an important factor in how much one earns in the future.

Then I treaded, through the snow, towards Springfield Boulevard. Once you reach Horace Harding, you see many different businesses. Among the plethora of businesses, there’s a pharmacy, a laundromat, a few pizzerias, a supermarket and a few banks. There are a lot of attached homes, whereas around Queensborough Community College, there were mainly private homes.

To live in the city, you need money for transportation. You can drive or use public transportation. There are buses nearby, but there’s no subway station in Bayside. The closest subway stations are in Jamaica and Flushing. You have to take a bus to get to either location, and that takes a lot of your time. You can always use the LIRR (Long Island Railroad) in Bayside, but the price of one ride starts at a whopping $7.25. Taking the subway or the bus is much more cost-effective and practical.

While Bayside is a relatively affluent area, there are also people who are less fortunate. There are people who are homeless near intersections, hoping to gain money/sympathy from drivers. While you see homes that seem to belong to people of the upper middle class, there are many people who struggle to pay rent or mortgage. There are people who barely have enough for extra expenses, such as entertainment, etc. There are many different definitions of poverty. Judging if someone is affluent or wealthy depends on your definition of poverty.

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