North, South and BUBBLES

Springfield Blvd. & Horace Harding Expressway



Depending on platform, the accepted city for my address changes. Incoming mail states either one of following; Bayside, Oakland Gardens or Flushing. Each carrying its own symbolical meaning perhaps.

I would like to share my commute to Midtown Manhattan. Usually, although I more often go with the latter am faced with two options; cab/LIRR or bus/subway. Let’s break the two down remembering the reading from the first class on California’s middle/not so middle class. So, the LIRR poses a more convenient and simple route provided I expend more than triple the amount on fair. Bayside to Penn Station is a 28 minute ride with an off peak price of $7.50 and peak price of $13. Sorry, way to broke to ever catch me on the second. Quick, easy, and EXPENSIVE price for convenience. Then there’s the “slightly more humble” route. Walk exactly 4 mins around the block to the bus stop on Horace Harding Expressway, which is around the corner. The bus schedules are inaccurate half the time adding snippets of wait time to my usually underestimated travel time. Like many of the students have already mentioned, on route, I pass through the infamous Jamaica Estates to reach the F. Preferably, this second more Affordable and rich in culture commute is where you will find me. Students of different backgrounds accompany during this bus ride during the afternoon time (Queensborough Community College and Cardozo High School) pool in numbers. Early mornings frequently met by friendly and what I assume hard working considering the hours; mamas and papas. By the time we’ve reached the F; travel has placed us slightly South and a few notches West.

It’s ironic to see the divide between the North and South, not only from within a city, but throughout a borough. Rent frequently is higher the closer you are to Manhattan, this is no unknown facet. But, what does interest me are the “bubbles” you find within these neighborhoods. Where you get your morning coffee, where you bank, go to the gym maybe. People visit places where they feel comfortable and sometimes this involves conducting your personal business in a place where fellow humans are of the same color or socio-economic status thus further keeping you in your “bubble”. My neighbors are a large and closely knit Turkish Muslim family. Piqued my interest was how and from whom they got their groceries. Every other week an Amish woman comes to deliver bread, eggs and milk; typical grocery staples. Does the mama downstairs never visit the Key Food just around the block? I guess not. I gave the Amish lady a try. One order of milk, eggs and butter please. Thank you!  





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