Poverty? Separation? People Themselves! —Xianrui Chen (Jerry Chen)

One of the ideas in a chapter from “Top-down Economics and Bottom-up Politics” is very interesting to me: Separation encompasses ideas of social segmentation, economic inequality, and sharp geographic isolation. We see separation not just a matter of degree, but of the kind.”(2) This quote means that the idea of poverty is the result of different bad elements, which is controllable and also can be interpreted as the poverty of structure. The location that I familiar with is Junction Blvd at Elmhurst, the routes of Q58. The area is mainly for household and some small restaurants or grocery stores, which are not tall, simple looking and people come to the store for their daily needs. There are mostly Spanish speakers live near this area and as you can see in the pictures, most of the stores are named in Spanish and even the flyers for the rental that taped on the street are using Spanish. There are also some of the Chinese speakers who open 99 cents stores near the road and make little profits from those households. In the other hand, there are not many people speak English in this area (mainly Spanish and Chinese) and the chances of meeting people who dress perfection in black pants and black suits are very rare. When I walk on the street, the feeling of rustic and comfort come to me because unlike Manhattan or some other big areas, Elmhurst is a place that does not feel any nervousness with competitions and the slow rhythm of living that people enjoy the time live there. When I walk on the street, an idea is coming to my mind is that the poverty caused may because too much comfort in the area that people become lazy and forget about their life goals. Back to the idea of separation, One of my opinions is unequal opportunities for jobs and educations lead to the poverty in the area. For example, Spanish speakers come to Unite State and look for a higher standard of living or have the ideas of achieving the American dreams. The problem is the lack of English skills stop them from continues going forward that limited their jobs selections compare with those who can speak English fluently. As an immigrant, I can truly understand the importance of English language skills from both the abilities to communicate with others and learn more about their cultures and finding the decent jobs in the future as parts of consideration. In addition, the separation will push down the hopes of the future that some immigrants will start to rely on their native language other than English to make their life easier, but at the same time, the wages are low and a number of works need to be finished are unpredictable such as working at the restaurants. In conclusion, the lack of opportunities both for jobs and educations in a city will cause the poverty because people do not see their future when they only make $9 per hours and the English skills stop them going any further to reach the dream. All of these costs not only slow down the rhythm of the living but also slow down the developments in the area.     —Xianrui Chen (Jerry Chen)



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