Exploring Where I live

Throughout the world, places suffer with poverty and are affluences. Certain places have more poverty than wealthy areas. In our assignment, we have to investigate what type of place we live in. In the city of Woodside, where I live, I walked around my neighborhood for at least an hour. Woodside is a very nice location to live. There isn’t too much attraction going on or too little attraction going on. Everything is clean and neatly placed. There are other locations where people litter on the street; it gives the location a poor appearance. In Woodside, there isn’t a lot of poverty going on; you can rarely see poverty in Woodside. The affluence in Woodside is in a good 50% of the neighborhood. They are seven towers with a large campus, where people live and get good services. Also, on the other side of the highway, they are nice houses to think about purchasing. Woodside is a really great place to live compared to other locations in New York City. Not many places are like Woodside with how nice the buildings and houses look, as well as the scarcity of litter. There are many different cultures here in Woodside. You can find Bengalis, Indians, Asians, Hispanic, Europeans, and etc. Each location has the cultures mixed, but some of the places I’ve been to had a majority of Bengali people. There are a lot of Bengali people in Woodside. You can find at least five different Bengali groceries in the area. There are also two large Chinese grocery stores and a bakery in Woodside. The varieties are endless when it comes to food. Woodside also has multiple fast food restaurants from Dunkin Donuts to Dominoes. The convenience of having Staples close to your home is also great.

Assignment 1 - Urban at 1st Glance

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