Women’s Liberation Movement

The women’s liberation movement most active during the 19 centuries. the main goal of the movement is to fight for equal rights for women, so that they have equal social status with men, and according to the wishes of their own choice of occupation and lifestyle.

Emmeline Pankhurst is one of the founders of the women’s suffrage movement. She founded (The Women’s Social Political Union, WSPU), aims to expose the institutionalization of gender discrimination and fight for women’s suffrage in British society. “Their activities included pouring acid in mailboxes, breaking windows, defacing artwork in the National Gallery, and tearing up golf courses.” therefore, there were lots members arrested, “When arrested, many suffragettes drew additional public attention by staging “hunger strikes”, a tactic that prison officials countered by force-feeding them.” the force-feeding method lead health problem for them. at the time of making the legal system of cruel social concern, so their appeal has received more attention. In order to solve this problem, the government launched a commonly known as the (The Cat and Mouse Act), allowing the hunger strike to have life risk level of the women temporarily out of prison when they were arrested. as result of the movement “In 1918, ostensibly in recognition of women’s war work, the British government granted suffrage to women over age 30.” which mean this is a big step for women to obtain same rights with men.

I think the movement was effective because as result, the movement helped women to get what they want, also I think they are meaningful and important because the movement is the success and set a good example and It is of great significance to promoting the improvement of women’s social status. if without this legacy of social movements, I think women still suffer unequal treatment.

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