Global Warming VS. Green Roofs -Environmental Justice Movement

The campaign that I joined in high school is called The Global Kid, which is a group that focusing on the issues on the environment such as the climate change and global warming One of our main goals for the Environmental Justice Movements is that let people know not only the dangerous situation that the earth is facing but also people the knowledge of global warming and learning how to protect our environments from doing little things daily. For example, turn off the light when no one is in the room or save energy from daily routines. The goal we have is to let people know the climate change is a real problem in our life. So, we make hand draw posters and show to those people on the E train and want them to know the horrible situation that human beings are in right now. Moreover, our groups also ask people to sign our petition about the creation of GREEN ROOF, which is the roof locates on the top of the building for absorbing the rain water for second uses such as watering the flowers and plants. The global warming causes a lot of heave issues such as the sea level rise and global temperature rise. Moreover, the burning fossil fuel and overly uses of gasoline also increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere that will possible affect human health and leads to some nature disaster. These issues are the target of our movements. The movement turns out well. People would like to know more about the issues of global warming and sign the petition to support the environment justice and creation of the green roof plans. The movement is effective because the issues are not only facts but also important to think about. The creation of green roof may cause a lot of money, but the New York City actually has the green roof on the PS 41. The movement works well by let people know the importance of environmental issues and taking actions on green roofs for our city. (The photo was taken when our group visiting The Earth School at 5th AVE)—— Xianrui Chen (Jerry Chen)


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