Zapatista Movement

The Zapatista movement took place Mexico, in the state of Chiapas. It was led by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación NacionalEZLN) often referred to as Zapatistas. The group is a revolutionary leftist political and militant group who has been in a declared war against the Mexican state since 1994. Most of its members are indigenous people but it also includes some members from urban areas as well as international members. The movement started as fight against the government but it sounded too radical that’s why they decided to change it and make it look that their main purpose was to fight for the rights of native people. This helps their movement since now it was supported by the common Mexican people as they saw they were fighting for them. Their main objective as their subcomandante Marcos says is to create a new world and to fight for a fair government that can provide work, education, independence, justice, therefore, they will be able to create a free and more democratic country. The Zapatista Army went on public January 1, 1994 it was the same day that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into effect and Revolutionary Laws from the Lacandon Jungle. Some of their achievements were the creation of the Caracoles and the Councils of Good Government (JBG) that were created during the summer of 2013 in order to replace the old organizations, Aguascalientes, which are the organizational regions of the autonomous Zapatista communities. The members of these organizations are part of the community and are changed after a certain amount of time. Their purpose is to coordinate and help the community among other communities and distributed the aid that comes from the outside. I personally believe that movement was effective to some extent as it does help people from the local area but at the same time going against a government will take a lot of support that’s why even today we still hear problems with the Mexican government of Pena Nieto that is considered by their people to be ineffective. It does not take control or action against problems and it does not really take care for the wellbeing of their citizens. One sees that by these movements or protest we can achieve great changes that’s why we have them to make people aware something is not right to call people to stand up against oppression or bad treatment. One must also consider the consequences of this movements as well like it will call a lot of attention and it may get out of hand getting people involve in fights against police and possible people getting hurt or murder for said fights. One particular example of this is when 43 students that were protesting went gone missing in Mexico. They were captured by police and that was the last time they were saw, they were killed and burn just for protesting and the government remains silence on that case. For any type of movement, one must be focus on the goals they are trying to achieve but also must be aware of the risk that could take in order to achieve those goals.

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