The North American Free Trade Agreement is a deal made between The United States, Mexico and Canada.  The goal was to allow all forms of trade to happen between the three countries.  It eventually created an opportunity for millions of jobs across Mexico, Canada and the U.S.  America also upped its good production, selling mostly to Canada and Mexico.  in fact, the two countries are the biggest buyers of American Made Goods in the world.  For example,  American exports of computer and electronic products, furniture, paper, and fabricated metals have all more than tripled since NAFTA was introduced on January 1st, 1994.  For more information, please explore the link below.

With the newly elected president, the trade agreement may be at a high risk of being removed .  President Trump plans to add a 35% tax for certain goods made in Mexico, like Ford cars.  Unfortunately, Trump does have the power to withdraw from NAFTA, and congress does not have an input on this agreement.  Trump believes that Mexico is responsible for stealing nearly 800,000 jobs from America.  This is clearly not the reason why so many Americans were out a job.  In 2015, Congress stated in a report that “NAFTA did not cause the huge job losses feared by the critics.”  Trump is simply out of his mind for believing that terminating NAFTA will benefit out country.  In fact, we will only suffer from this decision, and so will out neighboring countries Mexico and Canada.


Glossary, UD: Globalization and Privatization of Risk and Well-being

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