Intimate Segregation

Source: Dave Simonds

Intimate segregation occurs when residents of a neighborhood coexist but have no real interaction. This is due to the residents’ differing uses of space which allow a neighborhood to remain segregated. This can be seen in gentrifying neighborhoods as the middle class moves in and businesses are beginning to cater to that class, other classes are still in the neighborhood but do not share the same amenities and space as the middle class. This leads to lack of interaction and shared spaces among the groups, even in such close quarters. This can also occur through racial classes.

More information:  Discussion about the connection between intimate segregation, gentrification, race, and class

Glossary, UD: Gentrification and Segregation

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  1. It’s incredibly disappointing to see that neighbors have no interaction between one another. Such segregation needs to cease if a community wants to grow and become better. Sadly I see this in my neighborhood. Although many different types of people live in my neighborhood, there is only interaction between like people. The community isn’t falling apart or stirring with racial tension, but it certainly is not this way in other communities.

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