Exploring Where I live II

Photo by Robert Stolarik

“In the city of Woodside, where I live, I walked around my neighborhood… Woodside is a very nice location to live. There isn’t too much attraction going on or too little attraction going on.” I remember writing this in the first assignment, ‘The Urban’ at 1st Glance. Yet, writing ‘The Urban at 2nd Glance, my view of the city I live in is unaltered. However, our perception about things change whenever we learn about more. In this case, I’ve learned about certain things about neighborhoods that have altered how I view them. For instance, Sunnyside has been a place where I attended high school for four years. Seeing how Sunnyside was barely changed showed that it didn’t need change at all. However, people are getting kicked out of their homes through gentrification. Places like Sunnyside are now going to look more different since people with a higher income are going to live there. Now, I feel more worried about other places I know well. Other places in New York are going to get the same treatment. Now, I feel more aware about the type of people who live in these places and have a somewhat idea of how much they make. Through gentrification, not only the people who are going to live there are going to shift, these places are going to be transitioned into a new appearance that accommodates the new people moving in. Which means an increase of expensive restaurants and other places like cafes. Restaurants of different countries possibly get closed in these locations. As a result, the prices will drastically increase. The affluence of these locations will increase for the better, but the people who made these neighborhoods will be gone. In New York City, diversity is all around us. I see it as a defining trait that only NYC has. But, gentrification might turn away from that, making NYC less unique. It is great to drive around the many areas in NYC and notice diverse cultures at each turn. “There are many diverse cultures here in Woodside. You can find Bengalis, Indians, Asians, Hispanic, Europeans, etc. Each location has the cultures mixed… There are also two large Chinese grocery stores and a bakery in Woodside. The varieties are endless when it comes to food. Woodside also has multiple fast food restaurants from Dunkin Donuts to Dominoes.” This is truly an amazing thing; other parts of the world aren’t even close to New York City’s level. However, gentrification feels like it is going to take that away. It is unknown what other districts it will affect. Nevertheless, I hope it doesn’t continue and its affects doesn’t increase.

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