The Hypocrisy of Immigration


no such thing as illegal immigrants

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A quick and easy way for politicians to get votes and popularity is attacking and blaming the nations failure in immigrants, always making people drift away from the real problem, like injustice in the government and the controlling of corporations. Therefore, many fail to remember that the United States was built on immigration. According to Peter Kwong, in his article “What’s Wrong with the U.S. Immigration Debate,” and the history we have learned in our elementary classes, Chinese workers were required to work in the railroad construction and the Irish helped build roads and canals in the mid 1800s. Just by knowing this simple fact, we know that these jobs back in the day were not performed by Americans because the pay was low and it was a dangerous job, where many immigrants died and lost their lives in the construction of these.

Today we are seeing the same pattern, illegal immigrants work for factories and get paid less than minimum wage, they suffer discrimination and injustice and even so they are not even represented in government, and with today’s government administration their basic human rights are diminishing. They have no right to privacy and are an easy target for deportation. The program 287(g) is part of the Immigration and Nationality Act that allows the Department of Homeland Security to prepare local officers to work as immigration officers. This has created very high hostility between local law enforcement and Latinos, who are basically being racially profiled. With the Trump administration there will be more agencies and more local law officers who will be granted the right to target anyone suspicious.

In the New York Times article, “Trumps Immigration Policies Explained,” by Nicholas Kulis, Vivian Yee, Caitlin Dickerson and Liz Robbins, we see the difference in deportation in the Obama administration and the current administration, “Obama administration issued guidelines for deporting unauthorized immigrants that placed highest priority on gang members, felons and those who posed a security threat;” but today the type of felony does not matter and anyone can be deported. This has made many illegal immigrants, who are just in search of better lives for themselves and their loved ones, to now live in fear because EVERYONE is a target. The Trump administration has even gone far enough to start cutting federal funding for cities that provide sanctuaries.

Many of our friends and neighbors are living in fear not knowing when the can be deported, people who have just served the work force in this country are facing threats and prejudice from great part of Trump supports enforcing stronger law enforcement towards immigration policies.

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  1. Ever since Trump’s becoming president I totally agree at the fact that ‘anyone can be deported.’ Because of the fact one is a certain race, he can be unreasonably deported and regrettably separated from his family; this is the sad reality. Recently, I read an article that claimed that the amount of immigrants with no criminal backgrounds that were taken by ICE have more than doubled. While ICE was established to solely investigate and arrest immigrants who are viewed to be a menace and dangerous susceptibility to the protection of the U.S. border and the U.S. itself, they clearly aren’t doing their job correctly. It’s just a tragic event to hear and see many undocumented immigrants being deported when all they want is to fulfill better and stable lives for themselves and their families. Even if they are undocumented immigrants, they still hold rights as employees and people who have the entitlement to use public services. However, because many immigrants may feel vulnerable to scrutinization, belittled, and threatened by ICE and other authorities, many of them are scared to express and use their rights to their advantage, and it is totally not their fault for their feeling this way.

  2. I agree with your point that immigrants are suffering the less pay and discrimination. They are living in fear and unfair. I think the government should doing something such as find problems in the system other than find issues on people. I really like the words in the photo that ” there is no such things as illegal immigrants, only illegal government”. These lines are touching and I hope the government will help the immigrants to improve their life standard.

  3. I totally agree with the fact that politicians don’t care about real issues these days because they just want to become part of the corrupted government but I don’t think that because injustice in the government and the controlling of corporations are big issues in our country right know we should walk away from illegal immigration problems. I am an immigrant and a Hispanic and I care about our community, of course, i didn’t like some of the trump’s comments about Mexicans but I think that his comments were awful but the fact that he wants to protect our country is not something bad. A wall may not stop the problem but I don’t get why people get mad when he just trying to protect our country. The real problem is not the fact that people are coming illegally to work in this country but we don’t know who is coming to our cities and suburbs. Are we safe by letting people come to this country illegally even though must of them come here to work for their families? how can we guess whose coming to work or whose coming to do bad things? Illegal immigration costs our country more than $113 billion a year. And this is what we get. For the money we are going to spend on illegal immigration over the next 10 years, we could provide 1 million at-risk students with a school voucher, which so many people are wanting. Nothing about racism, I’m just thinking about our safety first.

  4. I appreciate that you mentioned the difference between Obama’s illegal immigrant approach to Trumps. Many people like to say that, “Oh well Obama deported a bunch of people too it just wasn’t publicized.” True, but he deported the dangerous people threatening the country. I think the argument that immigrants take our jobs is ridiculous because if any citizen of the US had to go to another country and risk everything to provide for their family, I’m sure they would do it in a heartbeat. And yes there are cases of immigrants taking advantage of the government, but Americans easily do the same thing through finding loopholes in policies and so on. So although I understand where Americans are coming from in a way, like you said, this country is comprised of immigrants. Why is it such a problem all of a sudden?

  5. There really is a difference between how Trump and Obama’s administration. It really sad that this country that was pretty much founded on immigration is so against illegal immigrants. It saddens me that many people are are afraid of ICE and being deported and it does not help when there are recordings of people being ripped of their rights in front of their family. It really puts fears into people. What I feel is that under Trump they want to use people from other countries when it benefits them. Under Obama they targeted people who were illegal immigrants, but they were criminals. Now under Trump everyone is a target.

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