Brooklyn Second Glance


For assignment 1 I had chosen to discuss some issues that caught my attention that I’ve seen in Brooklyn whenever I had gone thrifting and I spoke about the poor condition of the neighborhood and local area. Such as the run down train stations and the poor condition of knickerbocker avenue being its covered in garbage the pavement on the side walk cracking and crumbling, abandoned building on the blocks walking down, and the most noticeable thing was the amount of black and Hispanic people living there all the way down the entire avenue. It was clear of how poorly the neighborhood was taken care of and how little the city seems to be doing about it. And what struck me most of all was when I simply walked over to the other avenue because it looked like a completely different area. Unlike Knickerbocker there was brand new cement with these clean streets and these large new building and stores underneath and of course there were different people on these blocks being mostly white and unlike Knickerbocker it wasn’t as crowded which seemed strange to me. Looking back on it now I realized that this area is all going through major gentrification because not only are the other areas improved and modernized most of the new building looked empty which led me to realize that people were most likely being rezoned in order to modify these areas to attract the more wealthy and it appears its reaching Knickerbocker avenue also. I noticed while I was walking down the avenue there was something that stuck out like a sore thumb and it was a big shiny new grocery store on the corner of one of the blocks. When one sees it, it’s clear that it simply did not go with the neighborhood and how it’s most likely going to take over the block. Upon seeing this I couldn’t help but wonder what is going to happen to the people in the area where are they going to go. It reminded me of the discussion from class about the construction of the Barclays center it was said to bring jobs and that people were going to get rezoned and it would all turn out ok. Yet it didn’t at all and thinking of Knickerbocker they’re most likely going to become this new gentrified neighborhood in the next few year and they’re going to kick out all these local residents and try and turn it into more of an up scaled neighborhood and even if not all are kicked out there is always the probability or rent increase because as the area gentrifies and the becomes wealthy landlords will accommodate the changes with higher rent that people may not be able to afford.

Assignment 7 - Urban at 2nd Glance, ,

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