Masked Poverty- Second Glance

As I read through my post, through the first paragraph everything sounded right and I didn’t notice anything that’d I’d really need to comment on. But as I got to the second paragraph I noticed some things that we learned after the midterm that I think would apply. One thing I immediately noticed was that I haven’t seen the 1-2 homeless people that would always be standing next to the 7/11, Chase or LIRR station on Bell Boulevard. And now that I think of it I probably haven’t seen them in over a year. The same 1-2 homeless people had been residing on Bell ever since I could remember. For their sake I hope that they made it through their situation and have a nice life now, but I think its more realistic to think that the criminalization of poverty/homelessness has gotten to them as I haven’t seen them in recent years. When I was younger they were always on Bell just walking around, but now when I look back maybe the last two years that I remember seeing them, they would be gone for weeks at a time and then reappear.

Next, I’d like to look at this quote from my first post, “Bayside has been considered a very safe community for a long time but in recent years there has been in uptick in crimes. I don’t know the reason for the uptick in crimes though, and whether if its more poverty moving in to the neighborhood or if its the NYPD not patrolling as often.” I’d like to reassess this statement as I believe the uptick in crime has less to do with the masked poverty in Bayside, but more to do with the police not patrolling the neighborhood. Yea, around Bell there are always police and especially at night. But that’s them just looking to get public intoxication tickets or DUI stops or checkpoints. In the past 5 years the police presence has been really weak and its a bit concerning. Its interesting that I wrote about the police not patrolling the neighborhood and a month or two after the post our family car was broken into while parked in our driveway. The culprits were never found nonetheless.


Assignment 1:

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