Another day on Hewes St.

As I continue to frequent the area of which I wrote my first assignment about, I have noticed a similar form of demographics that takes place in that area.  The commune where my friends lived is no longer there.  The old trucks and storage bins are cleared out, the pallets have disappeared, and the walls are caked in graffiti.  It is quite sad for the mechanics, who were making a living working on cars out of the shed.  As for christian, he has moved back into his original house, where he continues to rent out rooms on Air B and B.  While the rooms are for rent, he takes shelter across the street at the gallery.  The gallery where I spent many hours sanding floors and painting walls, is now fully up and running.  There have been a few shows since I wrote about the area the first time.  As for Angus, he scored an inexpensive room a few blocks down.  Its a shame that something so amazing had to be taken down, all because of the government.

Re- reading my first post has made me realized that my strange encounters with people in the streets is slowly diminishing.  Since I wrote that, I don’t have too many remarkable stories to share.  This reflects the limited amount of photographs in my final project.  It is not always the quantity, but rather the quality of the photographs and the deep stories behind them.  I would really like to continue this project for the next few years, until I know it is truly complete. I have a lot to learn and a lot to see.  Based on my first post, I have noticed a large increase in understudying of what people like Christian and the mechanics deal with on a daily basis.


What You See vs. What You Know

Assignment 7 - Urban at 2nd Glance

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