Back To Square One

Looking back at the first assignment, I realize how knowledge I got from the class in order to have a better understanding of the situation of certain neighborhoods. The main idea my first post just making a distinction between two neighborhoods as I was walking by. I realize the reason why those neighborhoods are different, the buildings are different, the people who live in there, the social classes, the ethnicity.

“One can be walking in Queens in a middle-class neighborhood and as one advances it will change from lower, upper or middle class again.” on the first blog I said this but with so little understanding of why it was this way. Now I am able to understand that this is due to reverse redlining. I walked to those areas and I realize that most of those people living in bad neighborhoods with deteriorated buildings are due to this reason. They probably do not get loans or even if they do they get them for less money and high interest.

Now that the class is over one is able to realize many details that one used to ignore before. One can see the cause of the situation and determine why and how things are the way they are.


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