My neigborhood

In my first assignment I focused on income inequality in my neighborhood. I can provide possible theories as to why there is an inequality after taking Urban Studies 101. There is a wage gap which shows black/latino males making far less than the average white male. This explains why one side of my neighborhood doesn’t have the same luxuries and amenities as the other. There are also less individual houses and more apartments on this side as well. This could be caused by real estate practices such as reverse redlining or racial steering. Those policies made it harder for people of color to afford housing.
I also focused on how benches are now shortened and prevent homeless people from sleeping on it. I learned that militarization of public space is the cause of this. This also is the cause of a heightened sense of policing in my neighborhood. I have learned that everything that we see has a deeper context behind it. Things aren’t just black and white. We need to work together to close the gaps between all of us to try and further our society.

New York

Assignment 7 - Urban at 2nd Glance, ,

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