Exploring Hillside Ave with a New Set of Eyes

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In my first blog post I spoke pretty generally about Hillside. I observed the places in the area but didn’t fully understand why these places are in this particular area. Looking back I realized that there were some places that I didn’t observe the first time. For my final project I interviewed a resident of Hillside and they pointed out a health clinic and a food stamp office. I realized that there are more low income residents in Hillside than I thought. Before I only noticed that there were food pantries but not many other services to assist those with low income. In my blog post I stated that”From what I could see there were no shelters or temporary housing for homeless people”. Looking back I realized that this is not true. Also from my interview with the resident of Hillside I learned that the YMCA in the area serves as a homeless shelter and that there is a lot of government owned housing in the area. I also noticed that there are more police in the area, as a police station is close by. It also is a result of the criminalization of the poor and also the youth. I’ve noticed that the amount of people on the street increases as soon as school gets out around 3pm and at crowded intersections and train stations. The increased presence of police also relates to the disruption of public space on sidewalks as I often see young people hanging out outside of stores being told to leave by police. On one hand, I sometimes agree with this because often times there are fights happening in the area after school but I also understand that not all of the students are causing trouble. Sometimes, hanging out on the sidewalk is the only place they can go that doesn’t require spending money since there isn’t a  park nearby. It’s a place for them to convene outside of school which is an important aspect of public space. After analyzing Hillside Ave for a second time I was able to understand issues such as poverty and policing in the area. With the knowledge I gained from this class I can also apply my knowledge to issues occurring in other communities to better understand overlapping problems that occur.

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