Variety around my neighborhood with understanding

In my first blog, i spoke about how different was my neighborhood and how by just crossing a street we can see a drastic difference. Looking back to this blog i remember that when i took the pics and wrote about it i was just telling the difference between Jamaica Estate and South Jamaica but without an understanding of the reasons for these difference. After researching and doing the different assignment for this course i have learned that there is not really a poor side or a rich side, this is basically a look back to a segregated country. Whites stay with whites and color people stay around color people but not because they want to but because different factors make this segregation happened. Its impossible not to see the difference between this two neighborhood which is next to each other with the single difference that one is for rich people and one for middle-class people. I have really learned a lot of important material that will definitely impact my life and how i see things now and in my near future.

Variety around my neighborhood

Assignment 7 - Urban at 2nd Glance, UD: Gentrification and Segregation

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