ReadingAll assigned readings should be completed by the corresponding class date, per the syllabus.  You are responsible for knowing the key ideas, concepts, processes, actors and history outlined in the readings, so annotation of the reading is strongly suggested.

Attendance & In Class Participation: Regular, timely attendance and active participation in class discussions are essential elements for excelling in this class.

GRADING: If you attend class regularly, arrive on time, and contribute to class discussions regularly, you will receive full credit. Regular tardiness or absences will be noted and will affect your grade.

Assignments:  Students have a total of 7 assignments to complete for this course.  These assignments are designed to help students engage course material in both individual and collective ways.  In addition, these assignments are aimed at co-constructing a digital archive that arranges and displays that which we learn and discuss throughout the semester in a way that is easily accessible by outside audiences. Descriptions of the assignments can be found by clicking on the links below.

Exams: You will have two in-class exams: a midterm and a final. The midterm exam will include multiple choice, short answer and essays. The final exam will include multiple choice and short answer. Study materials will be shared with the class one week before the exam.

  • The Midterm exam will be held in class on Wednesday 3/15/17
  • The Final exam will be held in class on Wednesday 5/17/17


  • Attendance & In Class Participation: 10%
  • Assignments 1 & 7: (Self-reflections): 5%
  • Assignments 2 & 5: (Public Writing): 15%
  • Assignment 3 (Poverty Debate): 5%
  • Assignment 4 (Urban Dictionary): 5%
  • Assignment 6 (Public Education Tool): 20%
  • Midterm Exam: 20%
  • Final Exam: 20%

*If at any point in the semester you are curious about where you stand in the class, you can use this breakdown to determine what your grade is.

 Extra credit opportunities will be made available to students throughout the semester.

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