Assignment 1: ‘The Urban’ at 1st Glance

For Assignment 1, I would like you to walk around the city for at least one hour.

As you walk, and afterwards, contemplate what we mean by poverty and affluence and the different factors that contribute to both. Think about our discussion from the first class – about poverty and affluence, about cities, and what cities are. How is poverty and affluence expressed in the elements of the city and in the physical arrangement of the city? Think about the city as a whole. About its different neighborhoods. Who are the different ‘who’s’ that live in the city and who lives where? Where are those who don’t live anywhere?  Think about what the different resources are that one needs to live in the city. How resources are distributed in the city, both how are they geographically arranged and who determines their arrangement?

As you walk, you should take notes and pictures. If you don’t have a device to take pictures on, please come speak with me.

Please also include a description of where you walked (you can use text to describe what streets you walked along, or you may include an image of a map that shows where you walked).


PART 1: Bring a digital copy of Assignment 1 to class on Wednesday 2/8/17. This class will meet in a computer room (TBD) and go through the motions of posting to the blog (see ‘Deliverable, Part 2’).

The digital copy should include a doc in your QC google drive account (whether uploaded or typed directly into a doc) and images that have been uploaded to the drive.

These should be about 300-500 words.


During this class we will review the back-end of WordPress together and its different functions, and we will talk more about why we are working on ‘this’ (QWriting) platform and how it contrasts with the ‘typical’ structure of classrooms. We will also talk about some of the specifics of using this platform (it is public, copyright law, comment vs. posts, categories vs. tags, etc.)

By the end of class, you will have shared your first post on the blog, which will include your 300-500 text, at least one photo, a unique title, selected the appropriate categories and added tags to your post.


  • Establish what you know and don’t know about how the city is structured.
  • First introduction to WordPress dashboard and posting to the blog
  • Introduction to QC Google drive 



Points of Assessment Points Earned Comments
Signed up for Qwriting Site (1)

Accessed QC Gdrive account (1)

Brought digital copy of completed assignment to class (includes text and images) (1)

Unique Title (2)

Image (at least one) (1)

-Correctly-cited (1)

-Appropriate (1)

300-500-word text (1)

-Thoughtful, critical, analytical and on topic (3)

Correct categories selected (2)

Appropriate tags selected (2)



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