ASSIGNMENT 4: Urban Dictionary

Over the course of the semester, we as a class will build an urban dictionary. This dictionary will be helpful to students in breaking down and understanding terms and in preparing for course exams. In addition, this dictionary will be an important component of the public-facing site that persists beyond the length of the course.

The assignment asks students to create an entry corresponding to a key term related to course material to be entered into a course glossary. This glossary will be the ‘Urban Dictionary’ on the final, publically-facing iteration of the archive we are generating.

A list of terms will be generated by the class together using a shared doc amongst our QC Gdrives. Students will enter terms covered each week and identify which terms they would like to define for the class glossary by including their name in parentheses next to the list. Students may enter more than two terms, and other students may choose to pick-up those terms. I will also add any terms I think are missing, but important. The list of terms will be blocked by week. In addition to serving as a coordination document for this assignment, this document will also serve as a list of terms to review for the exams.

For each entry, students will provide a ‘thick description’ of a course term, along with an appropriate, and appropriately-cited image, and include links to resources that may be helpful for further reading.

By ‘thick description’ I mean that the definition for the key term should include significant historical or contextual information, and/or an example or case study overview to enrich the readers understanding of the concept.

The complete definition should be written in the student’s own words. Only in exceptional instances should quotations be used. Please contact me directly and about a specific case if you have a question about this.

DELIVERABLE: Students will contribute two entries to the course glossary per half of the semester.

Entries will be added to the website as new posts (similar to assignment 1).

Each entry should follow the format described below. Ultimately, this will be an important component of our public-facing archive, and uniformity of presentation is an important component of making something accessible to a diverse audience.


  1. The post title should be the name of the term (i.e. Redlining).
  2. The post should include a properly-cited image at the top of the post.
  3. The post should begin with the description/definition. There is no need to re-state the term.
  4. The description should be followed by a ‘For Further Reading’ section.

Entries are DUE:

  • Pre-Midterm, 12n, Friday 3/17/17
  • Post-Midterm, 12n, Saturday 5/13/17


  • Knowledge of specific key terms
  • Using google drive for project coordination
  • Group project coordination
  • Introduction to writing an educational tool for an audience


Points of Assessment Points Earned Comments
Format of entry (1)

Title (1)

Image with citation (2)

Definition (3)

Further reading (2)

Citations (1)




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